Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Flower, my son: Emmanuel's Story

Please do not feel sorry for me! lol, there is no need to be sorry, i do not even feel sorry for myself!... ALL i want to hear or see is praises and worship, I will also delete unnecessary comments.
Social media only shows a fraction of ones life. I am not a social media celebrity, but I have gained somewhat popularity through my hundreds of makeup posts and my line of work in the beauty and fashion industry. In all of what we see on social media, it looks as if life is perfect, because we post them 'beat' face makeup selfies, fashion ootds, inspirational quotes, dinners, and out with the girls on holiday posts, but that is ALL you see. Social media guru's are experts in getting and keeping their audience, we know what people want and thats exactly what we put out there! But what happens when we get a little deeper and show all.. i mean who is to know if a makeup artist of 250k followers on instagram is an orphan suffering from an illness? Or if a fashion guru of 500 k is being domestically abused at home daily? Unless, we put it out there! 
Now don't get me wrong, some choose to reveal all chapters of their life on social media, like some have family posts, marriage vlogs, share information perhaps about their sickness, but I am speaking for myself, and how much I feel I held back so much because I wanted to focus on my career through social media. Its not a selfish thing, its a choice, like this is a choice! And right now, as I have been absent off YouTube, which is my main avenue of reaching out to my followers,  I have been through a moment of reflection, and on a journey to discovering new things about myself and one of my main discoveries is that I am too secretive! I used to think if people know all, it gives them reason to gossip and talk, but I am now convinced that, that is life and so be it!
I am saying all of this because I have been uploading and posting on social media for years now, particularly on Instagram for a year and a bit and on YouTube for almost 2 years, and the most that most people know about my personal life is that I am married, and even that discovery only came about earlier this year, no one knew I was even in a relationship. Of course, its a choice to put it out there and I am sure not pressured or forced by anyone to reveal all. But I want to share something, in fact someone incredibly special to me, which I haven't revealed, and a daily handling I deal with and have been for almost 5 years now.

The above photograph shows a picture of my son at about 2 months old in this picture and weighed just under a 1 pound. His nurse is holding him in this position because he was having yet another frightening episode. He stopped breathing, and this happened many times whilst he spent the first 5 months of his life in hospital. Emmanuel was born at 23 weeks gestation and for those who do not know, 40 weeks is full term 9 months of pregnancy, and I gave birth to him prematurely at 23 weeks. Premature birth and labour is extremely common, 23 weeks is the least for a surviving child, and by Gods amazing grace and love my child lives today.

FACT: In the UK, the legal abortion limit for pregnancy according to the 1967 Act is 24 weeks. 
So legally, I could have aborted Emmanuel (if that was my choice) but he still lives today and would be 5 years old in September!
It makes me think, so people actually abort there 23 weekers, who actually have a very good chance in surviving?

Me and Emmanuel having cuddles!

My child is my biggest testimony. Daily, I thank God for his life. It was through my pregnancy with Emmanuel where I decided to take  a great interest in knowing Jesus, and his survival still gives me hope that anything is possible with God. 
I was single throughout my pregnancy right up until I met my husband last year and married him early this year. His father totally disowned me from the moment I told him I was pregnant. Don't start throwing stones at him, because I was equally stupid, naive and not wise and clearly suffered the consequences of this. I was just graduating from university when I was 21 years old and found out I was pregnant, I was so eager to keep my child especially when my big sister spoke to me of how far she has also gotten through being a single mother and that shouldn't be my fear as she is now happily married now. Bitterly desperate to make something of my unborn child's life, I worked my butt off at Benefit Cosmetics, full time saving money for all the essentials my little boy needed for his birth and upbringing. At one random day at work, I felt contractions just at 23 weeks, and not knowing what a contraction felt like, I bore the pain for a further few days until I cried for help, was rushed to hospital and started bleeding. The doctors told me, I was in labour, my child was coming and there was nothing I or they could do about it. The child has a 20% chance of surviving and if he survives he is highly likely to have severe health problems and disabilities. I said to God... I would take that 20% and nothing else! 
Emmanuel was born at 600 grams at St Marys Hospital in Paddington, it was a long journey of survival for Emmanuel, but he just won't and still does not want to stop fighting for his life! He is in a safe condition now, as in no sign at all of a deadly illness, but Emmanuel developed a few health issues such as blindness, developmental delay, communication issues, motor abilities. But one thing my child does that has shocked many is, he sings praises and worship!
The story of Emmanuel is very long, and I would definitely make a video of his full story when I get back on YouTube, but for now, i just wanted to introduce my little miracle boy to my followers and subscribers.

Emmanuel is a very happy child, he plays and laughs, and loves his music so much! I always call him a musician as he has an amazing voice and plays the piano. His limited sight makes him dependent on music. 
Whether he can see me or not, my biggest joy is that he knows me, we are so close and he loves me just as much as i love him. We often get caught up about all the random things life gets at us, but there are little ones who have come into this world and suffered more than we have.
Life is funny, last week I got so worked up over a potential business collaboration that declined. I have had so much issues in my life with people, people cheating me, trying to use me, shutting the door in my face and me even so stupidly giving into things that are totally irrelevant, and then I remember what this young child and many disabled children and highly disadvantaged children in this world go through.

Lets value life!


Chanel x

Emmanuel at 4 and 1/2 years playing!

Emmanuel at 4 1/2 years

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Makeup Look: Royal Navy

Its been an interesting week... some drama, some good news, some memorable events, but all in all, we give thanks and Praise! Happy Easter! Well, as you do know, I am almost always plain Jane from Monday-Friday, but when the weekend hits and there are places to go like dinners, celebrations, church etc. I like to take my makeup brush out! This look was purely experimental, I wanted to see how a certain colour looked on so I used this palette and the blue stood out so vibrantly. Kept my lips subtle also to avoid a clash! but I am sure they eyes could go well with a classic red lippy.

Foundation: MAC- MatchMaster Foundation in 9.0
Eyes: Base- NYX Jumbo pencil in Black, Eyelid: Wet N wild palette in ....
Eyelashes: Amby Rose Lashes
Tearduct: Gold eyeshadow from WnW palette 'vanity'
Concealer- LA Girl Pro Concealers in Toast and Caramel
Cheeks: La Femme Blush- Red
Lips: La Colours Glossy Lips in Sweet Treats 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Makeup Look: Empress

I feel like a queen today hence the title of this makeup look. Didn't have a particular inspiration for this look today, just totally random and off the top of my head, the end result was quite flattering and considering its Saturday night, i figured the look would be excellent for a Saturday evening look perhaps a night with the girls, a date, a bar or even dinner. The look is quite bold on the eyes yet the rest of the face is quite subtle and calm.

Foundation: MAC- NW50 Studio Fix Fluid
Eyebrows- Sleeks Brown Pencil
Eyelids- Barry M- D100 gold (loose pigment), Black eyeshadow- Carbon by MAC
Lashes: Red Cherry- 100
Cheeks: Sleeks- Sahara
Lips: LA Colours Glossy Lips in Sweet Treats

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Makeup Look: Daffodil- Happy Mothers Day

As it's mothering Sunday, I thought to brighten up my outfit and makeup look, the look was inspired by another fellower YouTuber, however hers was more fierce and intense, where as mine turned out rather sweet and innocent hence the name of the look! 
A lot of dark skin women are afraid to go bright with makeup and tend to steer away from bright vibrant colours, I on the other hand am not afraid to experiment.
Check below for details on the Makeup used:

  • Foundation: Illamasqua- Skin Base Foundation in no.17
  • Concealer: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer- NW45 + nw40
  • Powder: MAC Studio Fix- NW50
  • Base: NYX- in Skin Tone
  • Bridge: MAC Embark and Brun Eyeshadow
  • Brow Bone: Wet N wild Vanity palette- Tanned Brown
  • Eyelid: Chrome Yellow by MAC
  • Water Line: MUA- White Pencil
  • Lower lash line:  MAC .....
  • Mascara and Lashes: Bad Gal by Benefit and Ardell Lashes
  • Cat eye: Stargazer Black Liquid Liner

  • Highlight: Nars Taj Mahal
  • Contour: MAC Sketch

  • MAC- Touch Lipstick


Friday, 28 March 2014

Skin Care: My Skin Care Essentials

My skincare routine is not so complicated, in fact with all the different types of skin care methods that are available on the market now, i truly believe mine is the most simple and basic form!

Makeup Removal:
1) I use Facial Wipes to remove makeup- Superdrugs Facial Wipes
2) I then use Simple Eye makeup remover with a cotton pad to clear off my skin
3) I rinse with cold water or use Olay's Toner to make a final cleanse
Some methods i use my general CTM method after cleansing with facial wipes and makeup remover

Cleansing Routine:
1) Cleanse- I either use Clinique's 3 step system for Dry/Combination skin type. Or Simple Cleanser to clean my skin.
2) Toner- Step 2 of Clinique's 3 step system or Body Shop Aloe Toner- i saturate it slightly with water on a cotton pad because toners can have that sticky feel sometimes which i dislike!
3) Moisturise- Step 3 of Clinique's 3 step system or mainly Body Shop Vitamin E SPF 10 Moisturiser. Vaseline Liptins and original to moisturise lips and also skin.

Deep Cleansing/Exfoliating
I do a deep cleanse and exfoliate at least once a week.
1) Masks- The Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Mask- which not only works as a mask but an exfoliator also. Superdrugs 99p Masks- this gives me a lovely smooth feeling to my skin
2) Exfoliate: Discontinued, but I saved so much from when I worked at Benefit: Honey Snap out of it Scrub, which gets into my pores and gives a great cleansing.

Monday, 24 March 2014

K.I.S.S- Keep- It- Simple and Sexy! Makeup Look

Hey all!

This look literally took me minutes to achieve! As you know from the last post, I am slightly lazy with my makeup! lol, however had an important look and had to make a little effort without over doing it. My look was inspired by a look done by Makeup Shayla... a bold winged liner and electric blue liner on the waterline. I didn't use false lashes, just mascara on top lashes only, and coloured lower lashes with the electric blue pencil. Subtle cheeks, usual highlight and contour, a nude lipgloss and Voila!

Foundation: Illamasqua no.17- Skin base Foundation
Highlight- LA girl Pro concealer in Toast and Almond
Highlight setting powder- BlackUp Paris Loose Powder Pigment 
Winged Liner- Rimmel london Liquid Liner
Waterline: MUA- Blue eyeliner
Cheeks- Sahara blush by Sleek
Contour (cheeks)- Sketch eyeshadow by MAC
Lips: Zaron in Karat

Why I like to wear NO makeup!

Random post, but I thought i would explain something that would be possibly weird to hear since I am crazy about makeup! I became acquainted with makeup from my teens, I have always been fascinated particularly with colour when it comes to the elements of makeup. I am a 'foundation' collector as supposed to one being a 'lipstick' collector, I have tried variety of makeup looks on myself and on models, I have boxes and drawers, cabinet AND a cupboard full of makeup, however..... 5 days out of 7 I am makeup less!

Its only stereotypical for a 'makeup artist' to always wear makeup... but I am rather the opposite! Makeup is beautiful, such an art and an enhancer to our natural beautiful faces that we have inherited from God... but in most cases I have learnt to wear makeup, when necessary. When I was a teenager, I felt absolutely naked not wearing makeup- but that soon changed when I got older, and more busier! 
Do I feel insecure not having makeup on when I don't?
Ermm.... Honestly! Till this day sometimes, if I leave the house without it on, I may say to myself, I actually wish I wore my makeup. There is that feeling of 'somethings' missing- to why I feel like that sometimes- not necessarily insecurity as I am confident about my skin, as I don't look horrendous without makeup! In some cases as well, when running late, I may place my makeup in my bag, and then decide to put it on later, and 9 out of 10 times, I actually say to myself, I do not need to wear it- and I successfully get through the day without it.

So what 2 days of the week do I wear makeup?
DEFINITELY and its a must for me to wear makeup to church. I honestly feel incomplete without it. One would also argue- but its church, God's house, you are meant to feel at home, why would the congregation judge you? No not at all, I know and trust my fellow brothers and sisters, I am blessed to worship at a church that does not actually care about those things... but to me, the ONE day in the week I make the extra effort is to go church- I love to look God, I am going to Gods house, presentation is KEY, and that it is why I do the whole package.
The other day I would wear makeup is possibly just a random day in the week wear 'I feel like' making the effort- OR  a meeting, and social gathering and sometimes on makeup jobs (not all)

I am comfortable with my skin- and I wish to allow it to breathe, and not have to worry if my foundation rubbed off on my shirt or when my eyes itching I can't scratch it!