Monday, 20 October 2014

Day 16- Matte- October Makeup Challenge

Matte looks are a favourite especially for the fall. On my lips I am wearing MAC- Chilli Matte lipstick and Black Smokey Eyes- Carbon by MAC
My Foundation is MAC- MatchMaster which is a perfect Matte foundation. I have put a little glow on my nose also with sleeks contour kit highlight shimmer.

Day 18 and 19- Colourful and My signature Look


Day 18: Colourful

Love this tropical, girly, look on the eyes I used Coastal Scents Creative Me Colour Palette with 'Dollymix' lashes by 
Lips: Sleek- Magenta Matte Lipstick


Day 19- My everyday signature look, normally is no makeup at all! Lol, but when it has to be done, a neutral look with a gold tear duct and pale nude lip goes well for me

On eyes- BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyeshadow and Blush Palette, On lips Karat by Zaron Cosmetics

Friday, 17 October 2014

Day 17. Extreme- October Makeup Challenge

Meow! Today I am a kitty cat! I found this such a fun look to re create and I recorded the video so check it out on my latest video 'Sexy Cat transformation- Just for fun!'

Products used:

Primers: Benefit Porefessional and Illamasqua Matt Primer
Foundation: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in no.17 
Eyebrows: Sleek Brown Brow Pencil
Brow Concealer- Select Moisture Cover in NW45 and La Girl PRO Concealer in Toffee
Highlight Concealer (under eye and kitty mouth)- La Girl PRO Concealer in Toffee 
Setting Powder: Ben Nye Topaz 
Contour: Illamasqua SBF no.18 
Nose Contour: BlackUP Cosmetics Palette de correcteur in CR03

Urban Decay Eye primer potion
Base: NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean
Lid: MAC Carbon
Transition shade: Sleeks 'Sahara' Blush
Glitter: Black art and craft glitter from ebay
Kohl Liner: Benefit Onyx
Winged Liner: Stargarzer Black Liquid Liner
Mascara: Rimmel London Mascara
Lashes: Dollymix by

MAC Raizin Blush
Shimmer Highlight- Ruby Kisses Glow

Kitty Nose and mouth- Black Kohl Pencil and set with black eyeshadow

Lips: MAC Russian Red lipstick and Brick Lip Liner

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Eyebrows on Fleek! Updated Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial


Products used

Sleeks: Brow Brown Pencil
Highlight/Concealer- a Mix of La Girl Pro wear concealer in Almond and Toast
Foundation: Mary Kay- Time Wise: Bronze 7

For all the tools I use, they have no brand. 

I did not filter the images so you can really see the before and after of my brow application

Watch the tutorial for this look here:

 This image is just a Contour, Highlight and Foundation process which includes the brows.

Day 14: Barbie: October Makeup Challenge

I could not wait to do this look because I am the worlds number 1 Barbie fan! Since I was a child I have been addicted to Barbie. I even went Tesco with my mum the other day and saw the Barbie dolls on the shelf and pointed to them and my mum just looked at me and said at your age of 26, a mother and a wife you STILL want Barbie dolls! I actually nodded! I was privileged to create this look because its playful, fun, girly and so cute! I have not recreated a Barbie look before and although it was just for the challenge I do plan on filming it. My grey contact also snatched this look hunny!

Products used:
Face: Mary Kay- Time Wise Foundation in Bronze 7
Highlight: La Girl Pro Concealers in Almond and Toast
Contour: BlackUp Cosmetics Palette de correcteur in CR03

Eyes: Crease- Wet N Wild 'Lust' and Cool as Cucumber Palette (dark purple). Eyelid- Feather Pink by MAC from my MAC quad palette. Liquid Liner- Stargazer Black. Lower Lash Line MUA White eyeliner. Mascara, Benefit They're Real.

Eyelashes: Eyewear lashes in 'Venus'-

Contacts: Grey contacts from

Cheeks- BlackUp- no 02

Lips: Motives Cosmetics 'Times Square' Lipstick

Monday, 13 October 2014

Day 13: Contouring- October Makeup Challenge

I have many tutorials on how to contour... this however is an updated way on how I have been contouring and highlighting recently particularly a new technique I use for my nose. Have you noticed how slender my nose has been recently?
I cannot wait to show you... anyways- Day 13... Contouring!


Eyebrows: Sleeks Brow, Brown Pencil
Face: Illamasqua- Skin base Foundation in No.17
Contour (nose)- BlackUp- Palette de correcteur in CR03 (dark shade)
Contour: frame of face and temples- Illamasqua- Skin base Foundation in No.18
Highlight: La Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and Almond (mixed)

Day 10-12 Black, Smokey and Glitter- October Makeup Challenge

Day 10- Black!
Black Lipstick was actually a trend for black women in the 90s. I think that its back now! Its one of them love or hate types of makeup to wear and definitely for the more daring out going type of gal.
This lipstick shade is by BlackUp Cosmetics, and I thought this look will work well for my monthly challenge as it is somewhat a peculiar type of makeup to rock. When I posted this unto my instagra, however, A lot of ladies loved it, some however were not so keen! But its ok! This is the fun of makeup!

Products Used:
Face: Illamasqua- Skin base Foundation in No.17
Contour- BlackUp- Palette de correcteur in CR03 (dark shade)
Highlight: La Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and Almond (mixed)
On Eyes: (check previous post) 
Cheeks: Nars- Exhibit A blush
Lips- BlackUp Cosmetics- RGE30- Matte

Day 11:
Everybody loves a smokey eye. Its a dramatic look, but so easy to achieve. Day 11 was interesting as I got to do a smokey eye but because of the base I used, it had this velvet look. Smokey eyes are great for fall, can be worn day or night or an evening out. I added a pop of colour on the lips and dazzled the eye look with my signature gold tear duct and luscious lashes!

Products Used:

Face: Illamasqua- Skin base Foundation in No.17
Contour- BlackUp- Palette de correcteur in CR03 (dark shade)
Highlight: La Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and Almond (mixed)
Eyes: (Base) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean and MAC Carbon eyeshadow, Tear Duct- Wet N Wild (Vanity Palette) Gold 
Cheeks: Illamasqua- Sin Blusher
Lips: MAC- Up the Amp

Day 12: Glitter
I looooove me some glitter! Its so gorgeous. This look is so sexy, like its such an effortless day time look, I didn't want to do the typical glitter look where I added the same colour on top of the same eyeshadow colour, I wanted to be bold and add a contrast. So I used green and gold cosmetic glitter... I actually cannot wait to the holiday season where I can really play in my glitter stash. The bold lip signifies everything sassy and cute yet elegant and classy. Instead of a classic red, I went for a bold burnt orange matte lip which to me was so much more interesting.

Products Used:
Lips: MAC Chilli
Eyes: (Same Black Smokey as above), Cosmetics glitter in gold and green