Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekly Inspiration: Moving On

Isaiah 43:18-19King James Version (KJV)

 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Last week I shared with you the topic of 'Patience' on my weekly inspirational blog post. I want to carry on from that topic to this week by talking about moving on. 'Moving On' is a key part to having patience. The reason that is, is while you are having 'patience' for something that you have been praying for, and something your heart has been longing for, you should just 'move on'. My point is, don't dwell there, what will you gain from staying stagnent in the exact spot, its not healthy for you, your focus would be anticipating the arrival on what you have been praying for and it sometimes prolongs the expectant due date of this arrival. Whilst you are waiting, move on, occupy yourself, dwell on other things, help someone else achieve their dreams, encourage someone, encourage yourself! I am not saying forget about it, because that is impossible, what I am saying is, don't punish yourself, there is an appointed time for everything, you are already blessed, the manifestation of that blessing will appear once you focus on building your strength, your abilities and just become a better you, before you know it, your blessing comes. 

Yesterday, I put out a video about my pregnancy ending. This was the hardest thing I could do. I did not elaborate on how I felt, although it was obvious that I went through the most tragic experience of my life. During the time it all happened, I was deeply bruised, I found it hard to breathe. I felt so much pain. The emotional pain in my heart, the mental pain in my mind asking myself all sorts of questions, the physical pain in my lower abdomen from the impact of the birth. However, within a week, there was an urge for me to actually just get up and move on. I looked at my life and saw I have SO much to live for- career, health, happiness, love. I just said to myself, I want to do this, and that, and this and that! All of sudden, I just want to run and be free. I want to be the best person I can be. In the past I have battled severe depression, and I mean absolutely felt as if there was no hope. By Gods grace, I overcame that dark chapter. I understand the importance of not rushing and taking my time. But I need to make other plans to move on otherwise I will be drawn right back to that state of depression. 
Moving on, is the best step you can do once you have encountered a loss or a failure. Do not dwell there.... don't you realise you still have the breath in your lungs to breathe. Pick up yourself and carry on, love and cherish the life God has given you. Plan bold steps into greatness. Don't mope around beating yourself up, whatever happens is an experience to teach you a lesson and strengthen you so that you in turn can be a blessing to others. This life, is to be lived! I don't know how long it can take you to move on from your situation, it may take some quicker than others, don't rush, but definitely have it in mind that YOU CANT DWELL THERE FOREVER! Give yourself a chance to heal, but staying in that area for long periods only dims the light and it will get to the point where you cannot see at all.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Makeup Look | Lucky Green Eyes and Peach Lips

Hello its FRIDAY! Which means another video another blog post! How are you liking my consistency lately? Pat on my back! 

This look wasn't necessarily inspired by anything particularly however it definitely has the feel of the autumn season with the leafy green and orange tones in mind. 
Products Used:
Base: Benefits' PoreFessional
Eyebrows: Sleeks Brown Pencil
Concealer: LA Girl Pro Concealer- Toffee  and MAC Select Moisture Cover in NW45
Foundation: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in No17
Highlight Setting Powder: Ben Nye 'Topaz'
Base: Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Transition Shade: 'Dark Brown' from BH Cosmetics 26 Color Neutral Eyeshadow & Blush Palette and also Wet N Wild- Vanity Palette 'Dark Brown' Shade
Lid Base: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Lid: MAC- Lucky Green Eyeshadow
Crease: MAC- Orange Eyeshadow
Eyeliner: Benefit Kohl Liner in Onyx (discontinued) but try MACs Feline or Smoulder as alternative
Mascara: Rimmel London Max Bold Curves
Lashes: Ardell '105' Lashes
Liquid Liner- Stargazer Black Liner
Blush: Sleeks- Sahara
Liner: MAC Soar
Colour: MAC Touch
Gloss: Zaron Cosmetics '24 Karat'

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Daily Look: Pink Pout- Who said dark skin girls can't rock bright?

Hello loves! Today is Wednesday, its mid week and I hope you have had a good week so far. My daily look today is quite simple. Pink lips is the answer! Using Sleeks Pout Paint in Mauve Over and glossed by La Colour's Glossy Lip in Wild Melon. I paid most attention to what is on my lips than anywhere else on my face because I desired a pop of colour and a very nude eye. 
Now, I had someone comment recently on one of my video posts to say dark skin girls should not at all wear bright colours... well this and many more posts is to prove them and other ignorant people with that mind set wrong! I mean what a silly statement! I actually think brights look best on us because of the contract of light and dark. 

On my eyes I used nothing but nothing! Some eyelashes and some mascara and kohl pencil
Face: Sleeks BB Cream 
Concealer: LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and MAC Select Moisture cover in NW45
Setting Powder: Ben Nye Topaz and BlackUp Loose Powder.
Cheeks: Sahara by sleek- (simple tone as we want most attention on the lips)
Powder: MAC- Studio Fix Powder in NW50
Lashes- Ardell 105
Eyebrows- Sleek Brown Pencil

Sleeks Pout Paint was released about 2 years or so ago, I have a few other colours, it has an oil base, however when applied appears almost matte. The pigment is so true and vibrant and a tiny amount really fills the entire lips in true colour pay off. I wanted it to be shiny so I added LA Color Glossy lips in 'Wild Melon' which is a vibrant fuschia pink, quite sheer but is a great touch on top of the already pink lipstick. Sleek products can be reached from and Superdrugs store, if you are over seas, purchase products online on their website. La colors can be purchased in the UK, in Beauty Base, i know there is one in Westfield White City branch.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekly Inspiration: Patience

Romans 12:12 King James Version (KJV)

 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

Morning makeup lovers, and of course anyone else who has found their way to my blog! I have started something new on my blog, which are these weekly inspiration and encouragement posts.  Simply because, life is just not makeup, hair and fashion although I know most of us girls would love it to be!

My post today is inspired by some good news my husband and I received yesterday. We were just chilling at home when we got a phone call from someone on something we had applied for a year ago which with much frustration, fighting and pushing we got a positive answer. I am afraid I can't share 'the' news on my blog, but it is something very big to us and life changing. 

Now 'Patience' is one of the fruits of the Spirit according to Galatians 5:22. I have noticed so much about this thing we call patience- I am certain that patience always produces the best results. When we rush and move too quickly we get what we asked for- a half done, incomplete result. When we wait with meekness and a humble heart it is an act of patience and before you know it the best result and even a bonus or interest is added unto it! 

My opening scripture says so many things on the subject of patience. First it says 'rejoice'. So how do you rejoice in this annoying, frustrating 'thing' I have been waiting for? Well the answer to that is, how about you look at the bigger picture? You need to look at what you are going to get out of this big thing you have been waiting for. Rejoice because IT IS well. We often look into what is happening presently and forget what we want it to be. That should be your joy, the end result- dreaming and imagining and knowing what you are waiting for is yours and wether it is coming today, tomorrow or in 10 years, it is yours and no one can take it away from you. For the past year my husband faced this tribulation, I cannot even begin to explain the challenges we faced even up until very recent where we went through a major devastating incident, we continued to push on with prayer, but we were always excited that when we do receive our answer, we are going to do this and we are going to do that! We made plans and preparations for this big 'thing' we had been waiting for. We also never ceased praying. Whilst your waiting patiently, don't just sit there, you need to understand whatever you want in this world, you need to call it fourth through prayer and not just any prayer, prayer according to the Word of God. What does the Word say concerning this situation? 

A tip on how to endure patience is by keeping busy! Occupy yourself! Get your mind of the thing you have been waiting for. It will keep you focused on other important things and before you know it your answer comes. If you are waiting on that life long partner, husband or wife: don't settle for anyone because that's what is accessible, believe me your gut instinct would tell you who your husband and wife! (I will talk about this particular subject in a video or future blog post). But keep busy, focus on your career, go on holiday with or even without friends. Do you! Or if you are waiting on your dream job, get a job that at least pays the bills and feeds you, something to endure for a short season, whilst doing that apply for the dream job, practice interview techniques, research, get involved in a favorite hobby of yours more, whilst praying and before you know it your dream job comes!

We all have something we are waiting for, but its how you wait that counts. Some people just give up and do wrong, to get what they want, I assure you those actions come with severe consequences. If you are Christian and are reading this, we all have something in common, we are waiting on the return of our Lord. How are you going to choose to wait? Wait living the life of a Christian- in love, joy, meekness and obedience? or a worldly lifestyle- doing all the things our Father in Heaven tells us not to? At the end of the day, both produces a result- you either live or die. This is why patience is so important- do good and get good, do bad and get bad! Its as simple as that really! Be patient



Saturday, 13 September 2014

Love Magazine #12 by Solve Sundsbo

Finally, I get to show a bit of work I done a few months ago. I assisted a makeup artist on this fantastic portrait shoot for Love Magazine by the legendary photographer that is Solve Sundsbo. This was back in March 2014, I was thrilled to be asked to be apart of this amazing shoot for an international magazine where all the creme de le creme persons of fashion are normally sighted in. Makeup artist Isamaya French's asked me to assist her in this massive shoot that was spread over 2 whole days 10- 12 hours per day at a large studio in North London.
This was the portrait shoot which was spread over about 20- 30 pages I believe, the shoot are personal portraits of persons in fashion and entertainment industry who are either up and coming or the person of the moment.
It was possibly the busiest shoot I done, constantly running on and of the set, then to backstage, it was a great buzz to the fashion industry I must! So I had great fun and learnt so much from the makeup artist who is very talented and hard working. She gave me an opportunity to work on the vast majority of models which was good for me as I felt she wasn't at my back constantly and surprising for the first time I worked with her she trusted me a lot!

Check out the images from the shoot

One of my favorite images, the above model 'Hailey Baldwin' was such a joy to work with, she made me laugh was so cooled and laid back. Her skin was amazing and as i complimented her she said she was very keen on keeping her skin fresh by finding natural ways to care for her skin. Isamaya asked me to  do a cool fresh look on her with very nude and subtle tones so that her skin really stood out. 

I really love Camilla! I mean look at this fabulous creative agency she has put together! She has worked real hard in the industry not mention her fabulous daughter Adwoa who normally is seen in Love Magazine also. For this look, I prepped her skin, applied a base and set brows, Isamaya applied this gorgeous cranberry red lip colour on her which was awesome and looked lovely against her pale skin.

Edie Campbell was such a joy to work with. She was very professional and cool and I love her posing! Again, Very fresh, nude skin, and light hand on the makeup. I must say the products in Isamayas kit are amazing and although I had my kit it was great to rumidge through another artists kit lol!

I think my favorite image of the entire shoot!!! What a beauty, this red haired model was so beautiful with lovely fresh skin once again, she had freckles also. I prepped her skin and makeup with an extremely light hand as we wanted her freckles to be seen because it is her signature. I absolutely love the eye look Isamaya done, it complimented her skin, hair colour very well and the lips also. The little squirrel probably had fun also!

Now to get the shiny leg, i had to paint several coats with the other assistant with metallic body paint so it was vibrant and stood out. I also prepped the skin as normal and Isamaya finished the look with nude subtle tones and mild contour.

Other images from the shoot:

There are more images and I am trying to find them all online! Once I find them I would be definitely posting them on instagram.
What a great experience to work with the industries finest.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumn/Fall Makeup Look: Smoked and Vamped out!

I love Autumn! Such a cool month, not too hot, not too cold, not much rain, not much sunshine, its just so cosy and perfect! It also means we are getting closer to Christmas, New Years and my birthday!
So, this look is just a welcome to Autumn look where I have created a classic sultry smokey eye with over the top eyelashes and oxblood lips! 

Products Used:
Base: Benefits' PoreFessional
Eyebrows: Sleeks Brown Pencil
Concealer: LA Girl Pro Concealer- Toffee  and MAC Select Moisture Cover in NW45
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Tortuga
Highlight Setting Powder: Ben Nye 'Topaz'

Base: Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Crease: 'Dark Brown' from BH Cosmetics 26 Color Neutral Eyeshadow & Blush Palette and also Wet N Wild- Vanity Palette 'Dark Brown' Shade
Lid Base: MAC Black Track Fluid Line Gel Liner 
Lid: MAC- Carbon eye shadow
Eyeliner: Benefit Kohl Liner in Onyx (discontinued) but try MACs Feline or Smoulder as alternative
Mascara: Rimmel London Max Bold Curves
Lashes: Red Cherry '100' Lashes

Blush: Illamasqua- 'Sin' 
Shimmer: Highlight- Sleeks Contour Kit
Contour: Ben Nye Ebony

Lip Liner: MAC- Current
Lip Colours-  MAC'S Russian Red and Diva, and Rimmel London Kate Collection in no. 4

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Kinky Hair- Malaysian Kinky Straight

A UK based hair company sent me this hair for reviewing and I took advantage to also make a tutorial on all hair.
The hair sent is Malaysian Kinky Straight Hair and I have installed 20'', 18'' and 16'', I also got sent a closure however I have my natural hair as a leave out. 
The first review is on my channel- please visit my channel and watch video entitled 'Malaysian Straight Kinky ( Initial Review'

Please also check out my 6 ways to style this hair by my sister BB, on my channel also, this would hopefully give you a view on the versatility of the hair- 6 ways to style

Here are some images of the final hair styles.

I will be posting a final review on the hair this week so please stay tuned.